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Monitor a specific Database Table for no. of entries


We need to setup/implement advanced System Monitoring capability which will help us to monitor a specific Database Table for no. of entries and can trigger alert if table entries have reached beyond threshold limit.

Any help on this will be appriciated

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Product and Topic Expert
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Accepted Solutions (1)



Please be aware of that there is no standard metric in SAP standard template.

For all the available metrics can be checked in the following path:

SOLMAN_SETUP > Application Operations > Step 4. Template Maintenance > Database category> select one template name > Metrics tab

If expected metric not included in standard template, please consider to refer to the following KBA to create your own custom metrics instead:

2484872 - Requested metric not included in standard templates

Or, please consider using the SAP Influence Program where new ideas for non-existent functionalities can be noted so that they later can be evaluated and, if they result useful and upvoted, DEV can include them in future releases or patches. More info can be found here:
11 - Would you like to shape & influence future releases of SAP Products? - SAP for Me

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