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Module developemnt: casting to Message

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I dot ClassCastException for SOAP sender adapter module in line

Message message = (Message) moduleData.getPrincipalData();

Could you help what's wrong with Module?

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Hi Denis,

Could you describe, what exactly you want to achieve?

Modules inside the SOAP sender adapter are different from modules in other adapters and you cannot use standard modules.

Maybe you can work with Java mapping instead?



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Hello Stefan,

do you have more information about developing modules for the soap sender adapter?

I made some tests and also noticed that there is a difference...when writing modules for normal sender adapters (e.g. File Adapter), the principal data seems to be of type '', whereas the principal data in the soap sender adapter is of type ''.

Is any information available about class ''? Alas, I couldn't find any...

Thanks & regards,


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