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Modify field of a SyncBo S01

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hello all,

i have modify my syncBo S01 (<i>two way, synchronous type</i>).

after this modify i don't receive in my MIClient this syncbo.

i have followed these steps:


1-deleted mobile component

2-disabled syncbo bo

3-modified bapi

4-activated syncbo

5-launched merep_purge


any suggest?

thanks in advance,



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Elina,

If there is no change in the Structures which are used in your BAPI Wrapper , then no need change the Sync BO.

If there is change in the Structures used in your BAPI wrapper , you have to do like this..

hope u ahve followed like this..

1) changed the BAPI wrappers.

2) deleted syncbo

3) created new sync bo with these BAPI Wrappers and generated.

4) Enabled the sync BO.

5) from the old MCD remove the particular Sync Bo and added the new Sync Bo.(bcoz here the version of the sync BO will change after regeneration).

6) Export the meRepMeta.xml file for this changed MCD.

7) Replace the XML file in the studio with the newer meRepMeta.xml file.

😎 Rebuild and export the WAR file(JSP).

9) Upload this WAR file in MI server for ur newly created or modified MCD.

10)Assigned the changed application once agian ...

If there is change in the attribute(type , size) of the fileds used in the structure , whiuch are used in the BAPI Wrappers u have to do these steps ...

let me know ..


Kishor Gopinathan

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