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Modify export data source

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Hello friends,

I am in need for some advice for modifying an export data source.

My scenario is as following: I have a cube for which i would like to generate a datasource in order to export some of its contents to a second cube.

That means i would like to "erase" or hide some of the infoobjects present in the first cube from the generated export datasource.

In rsa6 i cannot set the hide flag for those fields.

In rsa2 i see that the field attribute for the infoobjects i would like to hide is set to 'X' whereas i would like to have a '3' instead.

Can someone guide on the procedure of setting the field attribute for the export datasource?



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Answers (2)

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set the update rule to 'No Update' for the fields you do not want and that is better than hidingthe fields in RSO2.

As mentioned previously , you would have to do this manually every time you refresh the infocube design.

my 0.02


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Hi Gili,

I am not very sure if it is recommended in general to modify the "exported data source", because any change made manually, will be overwritten if the cube is changed and/reactivated again in the future.

However for your case, I believe even without changing the generated DS it should work - simply mapping the info objects available in cube2 and leave the rest unmapped.

Hope it helps.