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Modifications on Std Crm Extractor

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Hello All,

I have this problem, for sure brought my some logical mistake.

I needed BWSTPTSUSST component for Opportunity Header Master Data.

So I appended BWSTPTSUSST to structure CRMT_BW_OPPT_H. This is a structure being part of Std Content, being the base of DataSource 0CRM_OPPT_ATTR.

I was at a very early stage of our knwoledge on BW, and probably now I would apply a different solution.

The problem I have is that Delta Uploading always returns only one record.

Before to design a new solution for the missing information I need, is there any possibility to have Delta Loading appending new components?

Thanks a lot.

I'll be happy to grant the credits!



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I think for these Extractors there are some special checks are there..

May be the following post you wannaa to look if not seen earlier..