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Modeling Suggestion in DATASPHERE and SAC

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Hi Experts,

I am doing a greenfield implementation for a client.

Need your suggestions regarding the modeling approach for spaces and SAC.

We are planning to have separate SPACES for different functions (eg: SD, MM,FI) and one space for administrative data ( for applying DAC). is this the right approach to be followed?

also i want to restrict users in SAC stories. So planning to create folders for different functionalities like in space and add only required users into that folder. is there any other approach available in SAC.


Best regards,


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Hello @amithrajkr-1,

Here is my two cents for the guidance. 🙂

Check out SAP Datasphere - First Guidance: Development Guidelines and Naming Conventions4.2.2 Organization of Spaces for spaces and DAC.

In SAC you have Public folder and you can create your custom folders. Also there are Workspaces in SAC, check Share and Collaborate Within Workspaces In general check out Learn How to Share and Collaborate in SAP Analytics Cloud