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MobiLink communication error -- code: 224, parameter: on Android 6

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Hello Experts,

I'm using MBO Runtime 3 (

My application is native Android (compiled against API level 24)

The application works on Android 5.1.1.

I added relevant permissions code and it also works on Android 6 without MDM (my MDM is Mobile Iron).

When trying to run the application on Android 6 under Mobile Iron I get the following error:
E/ScannerDBCallback: ERROR [Exception message = com.ianywhere.ultralitejni16.implementation.JniException: UltraLiteJ Error[-1305]: MobiLink communication error -- code: 224, parameter:, system code: 0Details:
StreamErrorCode = 224
StreamErrorMessage =

Error 224 means that the app can't load the library (the library files are in the correct location jbiLibs->armeabi & libultralitej16).

I thought it's a Mobile Iron issue (and maybe it is) but I also found note number 2348561 which indicates that the openSSL version in the file is old and not supported by Google.

I'm not using SSL for connecting the SMP server (I rely on the Mobile Iron SSL) but does the app uses SSL internally for connecting the ultralite DB?

How can I solve this issue? (the so files are obviously 'black box' and I can't see any way to control it).


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Hi Omri,

It sounds like maybe MobileIron is restricting certain permissions for your Android app. You should check if any of the Android permissions the app needs is being overriden by MobileIron. Usually MDM apps such as Mobile Iron run as device administrators on Android to be able to enforce such restrictions remotely.