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Mobile Sales - Error during synchro with CRM: System.OutOfMemoryException

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Hello all,

we are currently using the solution CRM-Mobile Sales 4.0 SP8.

We are meeting some troubles on the synchronization of the Mobile Clients with CRM server. When downloading BW reports, we are getting an error in Conntrans on the Mobile laptop.

When looking at the log files, we can find the error:

Error in TransferPullMessages(): Exception of type System.OutOfMemoryException was thrown.

As we are suspecting the messages to be quite big, we are trying to fetch less messages from the outbound queue per transfer step.

So we tried to change the registry key TransferRate to "1" (in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SAP\MSA\NewTransferService\Parameters). But it doesn't seem to work. (=> OSS note 850129)

Is it possible to modify also the "Transfer Time"? And how to calculate an appropriate value.

If anyone experienced this problem, suggestions are welcomed.

Thanks in advance for help.

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Hi Catherine,

First off a few questions:

- how much memory does the laptop have?

- what else is running at the same time (if anything)?

- how much memory do you have allocated to the local IDES?

- is the IDES DB memory dynamic or static?

- at what point do you receive the error (download, confirmation or import)?

If the records are downloaded then they are stored in MW_QIN on the ides. These are then accessible from the Client Console, Data Transfer, Queue Manager. From here you can select the first record in the queue and look in detail at the contents, size, etc.

In addition for these queue entries take a look in the outbound queue for the site online

- how many records are queued?

- does the error happen with multiple records or just 1?

Apologies if this is giving more questions than answers but there are a lot of factors involved.

You can email me offline if it is easier -