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MM Compression

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We are loading 2lis_03_bf to ODS.

Then from the ODS, request is sent to the InfoCube

Now I need to Compress the InfoCube.

Which request do I Compress ?

I have earlier an INIT without Data Transfer to InfoCube, thereafter all are Delta's.

Please kindly advice.

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Answers (3)

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Is the cube also includes any other data other than 2LIS_03_BF!

If the answer to the above question is 'No', then there is no restriction on compression and you can go ahead and compress the data..

If the answere to the above question is 'Yes' and the cube also

holds data belongs to data source '2LIS_03_BX' then compression has to be planned carefully and here is the sequence:

- Compress the 'Opening Stock' - INIT request

with 'Marker' update

- Compress the 'BF' - INIT request withut 'Marker update'

- Delta loads from 'BF' are compressed with 'Marker


Hope this helps.


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Hi Chris,

We do compression of the request for the performance point of view. There is as such no limitation for number of requests to be compressed, you can compress all of your requeset.

It depends on the number of records that ur getting in delta daily, if they are not too high you can avoid doing compression. But usually init request is compressed always.



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