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Missing Version button in Portal 7.00

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i try to find out the correct portal version for my SAP EP 7.00 SP5 installation . but i miss a lot of select-buttons in comparison with the EP 6.00 installation under system administration ==> support :

i miss : version , security, supportability, transport, unification ,drag & relate , Portal PlugIn , .......

does anybody have a solution or answer for that ?

thank you


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Hannes,

Looks likea problem with your installation. I have EP7 SP4 and i see all the options under Support that you say are missing in yours.

Please check the log files for errors.

Where did you get the installable from?


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hello akhilesh

thank you for your answer . i had the same assumption,but i have no idea what should be wrong . all the application work fine and also no errors during the installation . i have another system with EP7 and SP4 an i miss this selections as well ?

the installation was done from the original SAP CD's .

any other idea ?

thank you hannes

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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hello all

information from SAP to this request :

all these buttons are not available anymore in EP 7 .

some of them will be back with EP 7 SP7 in April 2006 , but most of them are not .

in this case , it's no mistake !

regards hannes toefferl

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You can find the Iview in the PCD that shows the Runtime Version:

Here is the path:



portal file system, for webAS 6.20, within folder:


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