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Missing toolbar in Data architect

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Hi, today we need to use Data Architect 9.1 on a server client and we found that the toolbar is missing (see attached file). Only the dictionary connection appears and when we double click on any table Data Architect fails (see attached file).

We try uninstall/install again and install other version of data architect, none works.

Looking the Data Architect folder we find to files desktop1.xml and desktop2.xml, these files aren't in other clients installations. If we delete these Data Architect freeze, no error appears.

We reset the server but the problem is still there.

Somebody have this problem or can help me with that?




PD: In the event viewer i have this:

Nombre de la aplicación con errores: arc32.exe, versión:, marca de tiempo: 0x4f9b2b9d
Nombre del módulo con errores: arc32.exe, versión:, marca de tiempo: 0x4f9b2b9d
Código de excepción: 0xc0000005
Desplazamiento de errores: 0x00754cc1
Identificador del proceso con errores: 0x25fc
Hora de inicio de la aplicación con errores: 0x01d8a72ddf60c306
Ruta de acceso de la aplicación con errores: C:\Program Files (x86)\Advantage 9.10\ARC\arc32.exe
Ruta de acceso del módulo con errores: C:\Program Files (x86)\Advantage 9.10\ARC\arc32.exe
Identificador del informe: 1cb5b3f3-1226-4431-8bae-8b685ebcd59f
Nombre completo del paquete con errores:

Identificador de aplicación relativa del paquete con errores:

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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search Registry for "Advantage Data Architect" and delete the keys containing "Toolbar" or similar. Since I use Linux only for a couple of years now I can't remember the exact key;)

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Hi Joachim, in my case deleting only the keys associated with toolbar doesn't works but i uninstalling Advantage Data Architect, deleting the whole registry of Advantage Data Architect and then install again works fine. I was hesitant to modify the registry for fear of doing something wrong.


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