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Missing field in Datasource

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Hello people,

I missed the field status in datasource 0CRM_OPPT_H, and so via RSA6, I enhanced the extraction structure and then I enhanced BAPI in order to add and fill it in datasource.

So in the extract structure I can see :


and the added field : ZZ_STATUT (like CRM_J_STATUS).

I saved & activated, but I can't see in "DataSource : Customer version display" the field ZZ_STATUT (it's where we can chek the boxes "selection", "hide field", "inversion", "field only").

And idem in BW : this field isn't present.

However, in RSA3, my field appeared and is good filled.

So can you tell me how to solve my problem ?

Best cheers,


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vince ricard

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hi Vince

don't know if it can help you out there is a note concerning custom status field of data source 0CRM_OPPT_H but not 0CRM_OPPH_H.

the note applies depending on the version of CRM you are working on here it 's release 5 normally the sp BBPCRM 500 SAPKU50006 should correct the issue.

<b>Note 951876 - Error in custom status field of data source 0CRM_OPPT_H</b>

hope this could help