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missing elements on HTML page

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Hi, I am a HTML5 developer, trying to help to make the visible result of a SAP project looking nicer. The project is of type BSP, ITSmobile and ITSGENMOBILE is set to 'Mobile Devices (Preserving Layout)'.

So far I had nothing to do with SAP, but generally everything worked fine until now. Except for one problem: sometimes HTML elements do not appear, and it must be some 'serverside magic', that makes them missing.

Currently one Label Text is missing on the HTML page. I checked the final HTML - it does not include the label, not even hidden, instead there is an empty DIV. That means that the server side script skips the following condition:

if ( ( 'GEN_NAME'[GEN_LOOP_LINE].exists == "X" ) && ( 'GEN_NAME'[GEN_LOOP_LINE].visible == "X" ) )

... create the HTML label text


... create an empty HTML DIV


I added some Javascript to alert both values 'exist' and 'visible', and they are both not "X".

I also found out, that - in case of this missing label - the result depends on the target system:

-> the label IS NOT visible on the target terminal (Win CE) in the target browser 'Naurtech',

-> the label IS visible on the target terminal (the same machine!) in InternetExplorer,

-> the label IS visible in the browser on the computer

During the development I also saw other elements missing on the HTML pages, even in the browser on the computer. Once I missed a row of buttons - I opened the SAP 'Layout' (Screen Painter) of the Dynpro, scaled the buttons a bit smaller, tested the result, rescaled them back to their original size, and suddenly the problem was gone - without understanding any reason.

Please can someone clarify some questions for me:

Where in the SAP project can I find the scripts that might change the properties 'exist' and 'visible'?

What client-side circumstances do influence the server-side behavior?

What can I do to avoid missing elements?

thanks for your time,

ullala 🙂

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Ursula,

If both exists and visible are NOT x then the empty div should be expected, right?  I don't have any other explanation for your missing screen elements.  Possibly user based elements?


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Answers (1)

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