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Missing data : Subtotal 1 VU019

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Hi sap Gurus.

SAP SD facing error in solving ticket trying since last 2 days but not able to solve please help .

Short description : Service material XYZ01 Discounting Not possible

Our customer no longer wishes to use this service XYZ material For this reason the price was discounted with 100%

now the orders are Constantly stuck here and must be processed manually. Say an amount to be saved.

What must be maintained for this material number so that here the settlement is suppressed .

>>My solution was >>

1) i maintained new 100% discount condition in pricing procedure and for same customer and material its worked fine no incomplition log and i suggest them to maintain price like that .

2) I tried with subtotal field in pricing [rocedure but it impacts on all sales area and costomers which have assigned same pricing procedure .

3)Up to now they have been processed hanging orders Manually, But this cannot be the solution .

>> Now business requirment is that >>

1) In the order the variable price was calculated . But the discount rate was ignored !

2) In this case The condition category XYZ01 must be specified Manually in the order ?

3) Order should not get stuck before invoicing or would be order run through without condition category .

4) Missing data : Subtotal 1 VU019 ths erroro should not be populate while sa ving sales order .

Thanks in advance .

Sunny Ch

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