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Missing class type 011 in TCLA table

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Hi experts,

We have recently upgraded our MDG system to 9.2 version. Post upgrade we found that replication of outbound BP webservices is not working, It is giving the error as "No class type supported in Lean Classification exist". Upon more investigation we found that the class type 011 is missing which should be defined for KNA1 table. The entry is saved in table TCLA. Since this is a standard class type, we are not allowed to maintain this as well.

If we try to maintain class type in the path SPRO->Cross-Application Components->Classification System->Classes->Maintain Object Types and Class Types,

it gives the error that class type name 011 is reserved for SAP, for any customizing class type name should contain a character.

Any idea if there is any Note which can resolve this or any other way to define the missing class type 011 ?

Since this is very urgent, I am requesting your help. Thanks in advance.

Best Regards


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