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Mismatch in themes of WD called from BSP iview in EP.

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Hello All,

in my BSP iview, i am calling a webdynpro abap application using iframe tag in the BSP application and passing the url of WDA application .

but the EP theme is diiferent (green color) and the WD has different theme (Blue color).

is there any solution to have a same theme for the WD application when displayed in EP???

please let me know.



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Answers (2)

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with note 1033496 you prevent the Stylesheet Errors,but i guess you will also get the Blue Theme inside the BSP-Iframe. If you can use the Portal Stylesheet for the WD-Iview without Limitations described in the Note perhaps also try this:

Instead of using the WD-URL as IFRAME source in the BSP perhaps use the URL of a WD-IView.For that you first have to create an Iview for your WD-Application.Then call the preview of this Iview. This Preview-URL(or the PCD) you can call as source inside the BSP IFRAME. I haven't tried it but perhaps then the WD will be displayed inside the BSP-IFrame with your grey Portal Stylesheet because you are calling the Iview directly instead of the WD-APP in the BSP.



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does SAP note 1033496 help?

Regards, Heidi