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MiniSAP (4.6D): Backup and restore DB for upgrade

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I am an ABAPer and I have miniSAP, 4.6D (MBS) from the ABAP objects programming book.

This version of miniSAP uses MS SQLserver 2000 desktop edition (MSDE/MSDE 2000/MSDE 2) as its database. MSDE is a very limited version of SQLserver, max size 2Gb, max 2 processors, 5 users, and <b>no adimistration tools</b>.

I want to test backup and restore before I try to patch this db with SP3a. And I want to do this before I apply SP2 for windows XP.

I have read the MS infomation articles Q241397 and Q325003. <a href=";EN-US;Q241397&ID=KB;EN-US;Q241397">;EN-US;Q241397&ID=KB;EN-US;Q241397</a>

<a href=";EN-US;q325003">;EN-US;q325003</a>

When I run the sql file as per Q241397 I get the error message 'Login failed for user 'sa'. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL server connection.'

So has any one done this before, or does any one know what user and password to use. Or is there a way of doing this from within miniSAP or with the tools supplied with this book?

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An update; or am I just talking to myself? This has been a process of two steps forward one step back, or vis versa!

I do not know if I should be giving my self points for answering my own questions! As I have new questions I will not flag this as answered, yet!

From trans DB13 (in the CCMS) I can see that the db's to backup are MBS, msdb and Master. I knew tempdb wasn't to be backed up but wanted to see if anyone would read this and say so, and what is the model db for? Anyway onward, by double clicking on today's date we get this information and the option to schedule the backup of which db's, when and what backup device to use. Now we step backwards, as we have to pick a backup device from an <b>empty</b> list. Now there doesn't appear anywhere obvious to create a backup device. (I think the device expected is R3DUMP0, but no program or trans exists with this name on miniSAP, so this is a dead end).

So we are back to looking at MSDE to do the backup. Finally we (I) make a breakthrough. In a DOS window we run

[quote]C:\Documents and settings\Fred Flintstone>OSQL -E


2 > go[/quote]

Repeating steps 1 and 2 for the db's msdb and master, function key F5 is useful here, we back up the databases. Use QUIT to return to DOS.

Now, a backup isn't much use if we cannot restore the data. So to test this I started SAP, went to SE11 and created a little db table, if the restore works then this table will not exist.

Back to our DOS window

[quote]C:\Documents and settings\Fred Flintstone>OSQL -E


2 > go[/quote]

All well and good. Now for msdb.

[quote]1 > RESTORE DATABASE msdb FROM DISK = 'D:\MSDE\msdb.dat_bak'

2 > go[/quote]

Sorry this cannot be done as some other process is using the db. Scratch head, try turning off the SQL server agent, Yes it now works. Two down one to go, Master..

[quote]1 > RESTORE DATABASE master FROM DISK = 'D:\MSDE\master.dat_bak'

2 > go[/quote]

<b>FAIL</b> error message 3108 'you have got to be in single user mode to do this'. (Air goes blue, and peak decibels are reached).

Searching through the SQL server online book <a href=""></a> We exit OSQL and stop SQL server. Open a second DOS window and start SQL server in single user mode

[quote]C:\Documents and settings\Fred Flintstone>cd C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\Binn

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\Binn>SQLservr.exe -c -m[/quote]

Returning to our first DOS window, we re-logon to OSQL and restore the master db. This time it works.

Close the second DOS window, start SQL server normally, start and logon to SAP and check to see if your table still exists. Success!

Going to DB12 this show that MBS and msdb databases were backed up successfully. <b>BUT</b> there is no entry for the Master db?

So new questions;

  • Is there a correct sequence for backing up these db's, if so what is it?

  • Has the Master db been backed up, if so why does it not show in DB12?