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Migration path for Data models built in Oracle DB to HANA SPS03?

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I can not find anything that discusses the ways I can move my data model (50 tables) from Oracle DB to HANA SPS03.

Could someone please share their best practices or help me find a doc that discusses these options?

Thank you!


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Answers (2)

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Migrateing custome made database solutions to a HANA database

-this should als apply to any type of custom made database solution: DB2, Oracle, MS SQL Server

-without ETL tools like Informatica, BODS, SLT, ...

-this method uses ODBC Drivers, SMDA, Virtual Tables only.

-the advantage is, to be able to build into the ETL SQL transform functions

-this is a pull methode You pull Data from Oracle to HANA, triggered by Hana

-you should also evaluate a push method, Setup Oracle Heterogenous Gateway
with HDBC Driver  and than push the data from Oracle to HANA via SQL / PLScript

1.) Reverse Engineer Oracle DDL and migrate to HANA DDL:

Option 1 a)

For Oracle Use Ispirer ,, - Migrate Oracle DDL to SAP HANA

Check for constraints

Decide for Row store / Column Store Tables

Option 1 b)

For Oracle try to use the method from Migrating Custom schemas from Oracle DB to HANA DB,Option2) :via ORACLE Dump
Check for constraints

Decide for Row store / Column Store Tables

2.) Create semi automated Virtual Table SDA DDL code:

In HANA, setup  a SQL Meta query to generate Virtual DATA SDA's SQL-DDL Code for all tables in a shot into a file

3.) Create sei automated  SQL DML code:

In HANA, setup a SQL Meta query to generate Virtual DATA SDA's SQL DML Code in a shot into a file

Here is a rough Sample for a SQL Meta Query:

Select 'Insert into '||table||' as select * from myVitrltable'||virtual_table||';'        "SQL_DDL_STRING"
from tables

where owner = ‘ABCD’

It might be necessary to make a HANA Procedure for that, writeing into  an interims table,
if the SQL code to be generated is not of linear syntax.

2 DDL statements necessary ? 2 SQL Meta queries necessary

Got columns stores ? Don’t forget the merge DDL after the insert.

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Hi Stefan!

There are some replication methods. These are DXC, BO DS, SAP LT and Sybase Log-Based Replication. You can use Business Objects DataServices and SAP LT or Sybase.

You can find more information on SAP Help: