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Migration of user personalization from Classic Home (Fiori Groups) to Spaces and Pages

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Hi SAP Support,

We are planning to migrate from the Classic Home Page (Fiori Groups) to Spaces and Pages. We'd like to explore options for automatically transferring user customizations from the My Home page to the new Home Page. Ideally, this would involve a mass activation process that imports personalized settings for all users, rather than manually migrating for one user.

Specifically, we want to ensure that user adaptations like added apps, created groups, converted tiles to links, and saved bookmarks are transferred to the new My Home page within Spaces and Pages.

Could you please share any relevant Knowledge Base Articles (KBAs) or documentation on how to achieve this user personalization migration before the switch to Spaces and Pages?

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Hello there,

I hope you're doing well.


Please check out the SAP Community blog:

Other invaluable resources:


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