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Migrating SAP ECC system to S/4 HANA latest version-Impact on SAP EP perspective


Hi Experts,

Currently we are using SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.5 which is integrated with different systems (SAP ECC, BW, CRM...etc..).

As per the plan currently we are planning to migrate only the existing SAP ECC system to S/4 HANA latest version.

from the EP perspective, we have standard WebDynpro Java, custom WebDynpro ABAP and Transaction Iviews and UWL are accessed via SAP Portal 7.5 by the end users.

Please let me know we need to take care or will face any issues in all the applications (WDJ, WDA and Transaction Iviews) as it is in SAP Portal 7.5 after the migration of ECC system to S/4 HANA by establishing the SSO.

I have following questions related to this migration:

1) is it will impact on which areas in EP perspective?
2) What are the advantages and disadvantages from EP perspective?
3) Currently All standard WDJ applications are accessed via Destinations (Model and Meta Data Destinations) in the existing ECC system for the RFC calls. so after the migration of SAP ECC to S/4 HANA can we still establish the Model and Meta data destinations call to the S/4 HANA system from Portal 7.5 for the RFC calls.
4) Do we still need NetWeaver(NW- EP server) box when we move to S4HANA.

Request you to please help on any existing blogs and share your inputs on this.

Thanks you in advance.


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Hi Experts,, Awaiting for your kindly reply...Kindly help on this..Thanks in advance.

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Hi Prasad,

EP box is not required if you don't have any Java application or backend application integrated with EP.

Please check with your basis team of they are using Adobe Document Service from Java Instance (EP)

If there is no dependency on EP, then you don't required EP Server. Hope this will clarify your doubt.



Rohit Gera