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Migrating from Oracle database to HANA database

We are migrating our data base from Oracle to HANA. Only the data base is getting changed. Not a full S/4 HANA migration. I would like to know if there are any major changes on CRM One order , Case Management , Business Partner and Address related tables. I am trying to understand what will be the impact on our custom programs which uses these tables. Since this is only a hard ware change from Oracle to HANA will there be any impact on our custom programs and custom tables.


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Dear Ansari,

Share which method used to migrate Oracle to HANA and any challenges and pre-requistioes

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Hi, I am in similar situation. What will happen to the existing programs during Oracle DB to HANA database migration?

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Ansari,

Understand you are running SAP CRM on Oracle and have a project coming up to migrate the database (and hardware) to SAP HANA, correct?

Suggest to take a look a boris.rubarth blog post series about SUM DMO


You will find many references to other blog posts and documentation, video tutorials, and training on the topic.

There is considerable expertise with this type of migration in our partner community as well, which you could leverage.