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Migrating applications developed in BW 3.1/SEM 3.5 to BW-BPS and SEM 4.0

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We have a BW 3.1/SEM3.5 System (Windows)and have developed BPS and CPM applications.

Also, we have a separate BW production server ( BW 3.0 B). We are upgrading this BW production server to 3.5 ( NW 04-SR1). (Windows).

We would like install SEM4.0 on top of the BW Production server.

We would like to migrate :

1. The CPM applications developed in BW 3.1/SEM 3.5 server to the upgraded BW 3.5/SEM 4.0 Server?.

2. The SEM-BPS applications developed in BW 3.1/SEM3.5 to the upgraded BW-BPS of BW3.5 Server?.

Pl provide some hints on how this could be achieved?.

Thanks in advance.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Yogesh,

if I understand it right, you are not doing an upgrade of you SEM 3.5 system, but you want to move the configuration over to the other BW/SEM system.

You can do this via transports. Note: There is no guarantee that this works since transports across releases are not supported! However, in this case BW as well as SEM have the same code base so it will probably work fine.

It can become tricky if the BW configuration exists in both systems. Let's say you have InfoObject ZZZ in system A with CHAR 20 and in system B with NUMC 10... now you have some work to do. So first sync up the BW side and then move the BPS and CPM config.

There can be many more things, like fiscal year variants, exchange rates, units of measure and anything on the data loading side. So by no means what I laid out is complete. It is not an easy job.



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Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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This should be like any other normal upgrade. Just follow the instructions in the upgrade documentation.

Recently we conducted a lean upgrade to SEM 4.0. We did not face any major issues.