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Migrate Crystal Report from 8.5 to Crystal report 2016 Using VS2017

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We are having a project that comprise of 6000 repeort. Code is written in VC++. We need to move code in Crystal repeort 16.
1. As of now we are using Crystal repeort 8.5 and use CRAXDRT.DLL to generate repeort.
2. I have downloaded the SDK and come to know that I will not be able to use the craxdr.dll (it actually is not even part of CR 13). So, you will have to use the CR assemblies for VS .NET. You can use these to create projects in C#, VB or C++.
3. I am using PutSQLQueryString to alter the existing query in rpt file.


1. Do we have any way to use crystal repeort as before(using com object) after some configuration settings?
2. Am I able to alter the existing sql query as before in CR16(as we were using in v8.5 using PutSQLQueryString ) ?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Yogesh,

CR 8.5 RDC component is no longer supported or shipped in our current version nor is anyone licensed to use it any longer.

The problem you'll have now is there is no direct replacement for the RDC.

We replaced it with the RAS Component, Report Application Server which has the ability for you to write your own Report Designer.

Also, CR Designer no longer installs the SDK, it's now a separate download which you get from here:

Next issue is you can no longer edit the SQL directly. You will need to use a Command, manually adding the SQL and then you can edit that SQL. And you won't be able to convert your existing reports to a Command, you'll have to recreate them by first copying the SQL into a Command and then building your report.

The other issue is the DB drivers will not be usable, you have to do a Set Location in CRD to upgrade to the newer DB dll's.

There are 2 sample test app's on the WIKI page, one for Parameters and another for printing, Parameter one has more features and how to set log on properties.

I suggest using C# to build your updated app, we do have C++ samples but not much support for it.

You may want to create an upgrade app for all of those reports but you really should manually upgrade them since all of the DB properties have changed and any Parameters will need to be validated, for example Store Procedure Parameters need to be set before the log on info.

To update the DB connection info use ReplaceConnection() API, use Google and search for it.


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