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Migrate 3.x query,workbook into BI 7

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To migrate the old 3.x query, workbook and Web template, the documentation says we can just open the existing 3.x query, workbook and Web template with new BI 7 BEx Query Designer, BEx Analyzer and BEx WAD and save it. New BI 7 query, workbook and Web template will be created. These query, workbook and Web template will then be open and run in BI 7.

However, it also says that the old 3.x query, workbook and Web template will still be sitting in the system.

Question now is what is the purpose to have the old queyr, workbook and Web template sitting in the system?

If we don't need them anymore, can't we just delete it? Manually? How?

Please advice, thanks.

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Hi Lynn,

the reason why the old ones are still there is for restore reasons.

If someone migrated a workbook by accident for example.

How to remove them?

Workbooks you could remove via the old BEx (the old ones are still accessible) I suppose, manually.

With queries this is not possible (no more accessible by BEx 3.x).

As far as I know, there is no 'cleaning program' which avoids manual work.

But it' been a while since I did an upgrade, so maybe they exist nowadays?

But let me tackle your question with another question:

why should you spend time deleting them?

They're not visible anymore (in BEx 7.0), and storage reasons don't seem very relevant (unless saving a few GB is worth all the fuss).

And it makes life easier