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Microsoft Framework Update (KB4054981) Causing Issues with Crystal Reports 13 Not Displaying

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Per the title, I am having issues getting multiple Crystal Reports to display on my server-supported website. Here are the details:

  • Microsoft security and quality update for framework 4.6/4.7 was applied to a server (Microsoft Server 2008 R2) the night before last and again this morning. We know that this is the culprit because once the update was rolled back, with no other solutions applied to the server, the website was displaying the Crystal Reports correctly.
  • Team verified that the aspnet_client/system_web version folder that the server was looking for was present in the website directory and had the necessary files within. Also checked user computers to see if their computers were looking for similar version files.
  • Team restarted IIS and verified that necessary permissions were granted for users to the Crystal Report files.
  • Team was receiving the "bobj is undefined" error when locally debugging until the specific aspnet_client/system_web version folder was added to the solution (had previously worked without this version folder included).
  • Team was receiving errors surrounding the crv.js and style.css files not being found until the specific aspnet_client/system_web version folder was added to the solution.
  • Team has tried to add specific <SectionGroup> and <Section> code for Crystal Reports in the webconfig file as detailed by other support questions relating to the bobj error--none of which worked.

Can anyone tell me why this particular Microsoft update interferes with Crystal Reports 13? Is there a way to install these updates and have the Crystal Reports working as intended? Unfortunately, blocking these updates is not an option.

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Answers (3)

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Use ProcesssMonitor and Fiddler and start tracking what the issue is with that KBA applied.

The message should indicate what needs to change.

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We have tried all of those solutions yesterday and again this morning, none of which work. The server has full permissions to the relevant folders, the aspnet_client folders exist both locally and on the server for the website to access, and adding in the section groups and business objects does nothing as well. The issue still remains. The Crystal Reports only come back once the Microsoft update has been rolled back.

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Likely a permission change on this folder:


Work around is to add that complete folder to your project and then change the web.config file so it uses the relative path.

Noted in this KBA: 1720670 - Crystal Reports Web viewer does not display on web form (Crystal Reports for Visual Studio...


  • Web application using the Crystal Reports SDK for VS2010 is deployed to a server
  • Page holding the viewer is loaded, but the Crystal Report Viewer is not displayed


  • Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010
  • Visual Studio 2010


  • The Crystal Reports viewer folder is not configured correctly
  • The default CR runtime install (MSM or MSI) will only configure the viewer for a default application pool
  • When using a custom application pool, the viewer must be configured manually


  1. Copy the folders under "\inetpub\wwwroot\aspnet_client\" and paste them under the root of the custom web site
  2.  Add the following to the application web.config file:
  <sectionGroup name="businessObjects">
<sectionGroup name="crystalReports">
<section name="crystalReportViewer" type="System.Configuration.NameValueSectionHandler"/>

<add key="UseBrowserLocale" value="true"/>
<add key="resourceURI" value="~/aspnet_client/system_web/4_0_30319/crystalreportviewers13" />