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MIC Wrong valuation when using fiori "Record Inspection Result in table form"

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Hi QM Expert,

I tried to record the inspection result via fiori app "Record inspection result in table form" but after entered the result, the system return the wrong valuation.

MIC spec 1- 10, after record the result via fiori app, system return the valuation "Fail"

but when i tried to record the same data via SAPGUI, the valuation is "Pass"

Please guide, thank you.

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Answers (2)

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more info, after i recorded the inspection result via fiori app. I tried to change the MIC status via GUI (the same inspection lot) from 5 (Processing Is Completed) to 2 (Processed) then change to 5 again (for re-valuated again) the MIC valuation was change from fail to pass.

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Hello wanchaloem.sakkavattana,

In 2018 it seems you have posted same question and there was a answer. Please confirm that answer works for you or not.

Refer your below thread.


Neeraj Jain

its difference, for this case no field for input non.conform. only field for record the inspection result.

btw this case and the previous one is not the same fiori app, the previous on is "record inspection result" is working good in S/4 2022