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MI for ESS/MSS applications - Logon page etc

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Hi i want to implement MI for my costumers but the requirement here is they want to host ESS MSS aplications on MI.

we have identified few applications like payslips details, leave quota etc etc to be created into a small compact applications and run on mobile.

*My questions is how do i design the logon page for the same,*

i am planning to create a logon page , please suggest how do i go ahead.

i have an LDAP server in between which acts as a datsource for the users.

once it gets authenticated by the LDAP these userid's are mapped to infotype 105 of the

HR system, with this id i can get the emplyee number and hence all there data.

1. PLease suggest can i create a logon page in JSP or Webdynpro for java or use some 3rd party software like ASP?

2. can i create all my applications using webdynpro for java, is it supported?

3. i tries to run ivews from my mobile handset which has Windows OS 6.0 but it had difficulties runing ?? are ivews or portal page not supported in MI?

4. finally if i create an ASP page for wuthentication of users from LDAP (which i can do easliy) and then try to pass logged on it with sessions to a JSP or a WDJ page and built applications (is it possible) am i still implementing SAP based MI ??

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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have a look here, this could answer most of your questions:

Furthermore: Yes, the WebDynpro part is possible. But there is a special set of mobile components. Check this out first. The login is shown as an example there as well. So at the end it should be possible for you to do the requested stuff.

Even the answer itself is short, I hope it helps!



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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HI thanks for your reply: i am a little unclear of the following please help me in understanding them.

1. *My questions is how do i design the logon page for the same,*

how do other MI projects work do they have a Logon PAge?

2. Has some one ever created an MI application for ESS/MSS any idea?

3. is there any readmade logon pages just the way we get in portals (EP) ?

4. what happens in other MI applications are there standard logon pages for them,

how do they log on to MI solutions?

5.Do i need MI 7 to be installed ? without this cant i work?

Sorry i am new to MI hence saking such questions

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