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MI Client & Server component issue

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I am using MI Client component 2.5 sp04 and has Netweaver WebAS6.40 (sneak preview). I am able to communicate between MI client and WebAS server component. But I'm not able to logon to the MI Web Console of server. It always gives the same error "Invalid user or password!". I'm using the same login id here which I have used to synchronize between MI client and MI server.

Due to this I'm not able to deploy any applications and

test them.

So my question is -

1. Which login/pwd, System, client and system number values should be used to log onto the console.

2. Is there any way to test my applications without deploying them from Web Console.


Ravi Sharma

HCL Technologies

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Answers (2)

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Hello Ravi,

the authorizations that Todor mentioned are important. You have to assign them to the user with which you want to logon to your webconsole.

To determine, whether your sync works, you can as well use the sync-test-URL mentioned in the MI instguide.

You can of course "deploy" applications using your eclipse IDE directly to the local MI Client installation. Therefor it is necessary to maintain the MDK plugin configuration in eclipse properly. But running applications from eclipse has several limitations:

Somehow you don't get the same runtime environment as a regularly deployed application. You cannot, for instance, instanciate the singleton of a TransactionManager which means that persistence cannot be tested locally. Additionally you cannot sync due to a missing Mobile Solution Descriptor and conversation ID.

So my approach is to design as far as possible without these features, to be able to do quick and easy testing from within the IDE. But when it comes to syncing and persistence, you have to go the regular way via webconsole.

Best regards,


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I have a question: Are you sure, that you are able to synchronize?

About your questions:

1. There is no other user necessary, just ensure that your R/3 user has the following authorization objects:




I think the last is the authorization object that enables the WebConsole login.

2. There is no other way to INSTALL a new application on the MI Client. However, there's a possibility to UPDATE an already installed application, as follows:

0. Stop the MI Client if running

1. Create a new .WAR file

2. Delete the old project's folder

3. Copy the .WAR file in the /webapps folder

4. Start the MI Client