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Methods assignment to MTE classes

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Dear @all,

i have implemented a central monitoring system with three remote systems. The remote systems are connected to CEN via SAPCCM4X agents. The auto reaction method "AUTO_MAIL_LES" is assigned in central auto reaction management. It works fine.

Also i would mount the local MTEs from CEN system in central autorotation management, but the system gives me an error message "Assignment for local system only works with nodes from agent segments". Also I generated duplicates of MTEs in local RZ21 in the section "Methods assigned to MTE classes" and assigned them to the "*" variant and customized them.

I assigned AUTO_MAIL_LES to the auto-reaction method in local MTE with Variant "*" because the MTE with SAP-DEFAULT variant is not modifiable. In all local monitoring objects in RZ20 I can now see the correct auto reaction method with option "Status Autoreaction", but not for all log file monitoring objects. These objects will send by SAPCCMSR-Agent (with -j2ee option). I to be amazed about some log file monitoring objects have a auto reaction method, but not all. In this sample both have the same MTE-Class “TMSALERTALOG” in the local system LES. And the RZ20 with option "Status Autoreaction" report me:


Complete Name < no method >

Monitored Patterns < no method >

Lines found for pattern < no method >

Data Collection Check < no method >


Complete Name AUTO_MAIL_LES

Monitored Patterns AUTO_MAIL_LES

Lines found for pattern AUTO_MAIL_LES

Data Collection Check AUTO_MAIL_LES

When I directly customize the local MTE “LES\Files_of_SP02_LES_01_X\...\ALOG0739.LES” over RZ20 in there properties on tab Auto-reaction to “Auto-reaction” "AUTO_MAIL_LES", I became a succeed message, when I save the modification. The dynpro jump to tab “Anylsis” and I can see the message "Method assignment saved". But in tab “Auto-reaction” is not method assigned. It is curios, I can correct assign a analyze-method in the Auto-reaction Tab, like "Abap-Dumpanalyse" and after save this change, the method is displayed in Auto-Reaction Tab and in RZ20. The MTE “LES\Files_of_SP02_LES_01_X\...\ALOG0739.LES” is in RZ21 in section "Overview of method assignment to MTEs" correct mounted an variant "*" and Auto-reaction method "AUTO_MAIL_LES" but in RZ20 in the CCMS monitor set, the local MTE display me < no method >.

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Answers (2)

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Hello All ,

For MTE Issues please try to "Reset Segment in WARMUP" status..

I have too much tried to find it...

MTE Issues
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For the CEN system itself I had to set up a separate autoreaction method in the client 000 for the local MTEs in RZ21; not via assigning central autoreactions.