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Messenger connect not working

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My chatbot stopped working with messenger, last message was in december.

I reconfigured connection on facebook developer and via "connect" tab but it still not working.

When I or others chat to our facbook page via messenger, nothing happen.

I have webhook configured correctly and all authorizations from facebook app.

All messages sended via messenger are not in logs on Conversational AI.

Thank you for your support.

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Hi lucerodavi,

not sure what happened to the original thread creator, but I'm experiencing a similiar issue.

After successfully connecting my bot to Telegram and Alexa, I'm struggling with the Facebook Messenger connection.

Everything is apparently setup according to the instructions. I have deleted and re-created the Facebook App and the settings in the Bot Connector ones to make sure nothing was missed. The prerequisites mentioned by you above (in particular, app shows as connected on the Advanced Message Settings) are met.

The Facebook App is still in Development mode, so I would expect my own messages to the Page to be answered by the bot. However, there are no replies in Facebook and when checking the SAP CAI logs, no conversations are received via the webhook.

Is there a general issue at the moment preventing this or would it still be a misconfiguration somewhere?

Best regards