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Messages passing through Intercom fallback channel are taking much time

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I'm currently using Intercom as a fallback channel of my sap cai chatbot.

When users are redirected to this channel, the messages are correctly sent to intercom but on our side, the responses sent from intercom to sap cai are taking 2-3 minutes to reach users.

I asked intercom if something was going on on their side. During their checks they observed that the messages were correctly (and with no delay) sent to sap cai.

Here is the exact answer received from Intercom :

"I've taken a look through our logs as well as the conversation history and it looks like the conversation began in Intercom at 2019-11-13 09:48:13 UTC. The response from your team in the Intercom app happened 46 seconds later at 2019-11-13 09:48:59 UTC. Our logs show that the message was processed and sent without any issues a few seconds later at 2019-11-13 09:49:03 UTC without any errors.

The requests coming through from SAP to Intercom are being accepted on our end properly because the proper credentials are in place to interact with our API but something is likely happening likely in the way that SAP is interacting with our webhooks when they attempt to listen for a response from that conversation."

Do you know how to resolve this issue ?

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I'm having some problems connecting Intercom as a fallback channel in my SAP CAI chatbot. I followed the steps given in the Intercom's fallback page given by SAP CAI and the webhook URL test in Intercom hub developer is successful but I don't get the messagges sent to the intercom app when fallback is triggered. Coudl you please give me some help with this?