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Messages in holding status.

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There are some messages in holding status in RWB,eg:xxx15.sal,xxx16.sal,xxx17.sal and the channel related to this interface is having some error.I tried to resend those but wasn't lucky enough.

The error is:

It is unable to move the files to the destination cuz the destination path : url/xx/yy/xi/aasdfd/ is already having the file xxx14.sal,and its asking for renaming or removing the file,cuz it cant be overwritten.

Now my query is :

I tried to check the files in AL11 in XIP its still there but the files ie.xxx15.sal,16.sal and 17.sal got processed even without removing or renaming the file xxx14.sal.I want to know is there any logic or something to ignore the file which is on the verge of being overwritten or its deleted by the system itself.

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Answers (3)

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Dear Ashutosh

You vould use the overwrite function. However you could ask system admin to write os jobs which could move files into archive folder.



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what Ankit said it 100% correct but in most cases you don't ever want to overwrite messages in the destinaiton folder - on dev it's fine but on PRD I'd not recommend it

so please keep in mind that even if something is possible it's not always a good practice


Michal Krawczyk

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hi Ashutosh,

If you are using File Reciever adapter, then in Processing tab Set your File contruction mode to Create and check the box Overwrite existing File. Your new file will then overwrite the file present in directory.