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Messages getting stuck in queues

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Hi Gurus,

The messages are getting stuck in outbound and inbound queues in SAP and PI.

I did not face any issue while testing in Dev but only in QA Im getting this queue issue.

I manually activated the queues and then the messages got processed.

I think The volume of messages is high and hence teh messages are getting stuck in queues.

I observed the inbound queues being used are XBTI0006,XBTI0007,XBTI0008 and for outbound case there are XBTO6_0001,XBTO7_0001.

I also found that around 50000 mesages are stuck in SMQ1 in SAP. Will this affect other queues. If so should I ask Basis team to clear all these queues.

Do I need to increase teh number of queues in PI and SAP by doing teh configuration in SXMB_ADM.

Can you please suggest me if there is any tuning mechanism that has to be done to prevent teh messages from getting stuck in teh queues.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Refer to SAP Note 531474 - Status RUNNING in SMQ1 and SMQ2.

If you see any messages going into SYSFAIL then check in SM12 if there are any lock on messages and clean it up. Also check in XI configuration parameter LOCK_MESSAGE is set to "1" then set it to "0".



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