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Message Stuck in Queues SMQ2

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Hi All.

We are having a production issue where now and then, we have message accumulation which is visible in SMQ2. Messages accumulates upto 10000 in the queues. Most of the times the queues are outbound queues XBTO* and the status of the message is in "Scheduled for outbound processing".

There are no regular patterns in them, in terms of, when it occurs.

Any clue could be of great help.



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Regarding your error you just follw the below points:

if you face Blocked Queues (SYSFAIL), Incoming Messages are blocked then follow the steps

1.) Go to SMQ2 (qRFC monitor) and execute

2.) If there is a queue not moving, double click on queues ‘til you see the status. SYSFAIL due to error – move to the right to see the error text

If error is due to cache not refreshed:

1.) Go to transaction SXI_CACHE and check if CACHE is not up to date In this case, CACHE contents are up-to-date.

2.) If CACHE is not up to date, click Refresh before refreshing the cache just in case someone else already did it. If still not up to date, click “Start Delta Cache Refresh” in “XI Runtime Cache”.

If CACHE is already up to date as seen above, proceed to next steps.

3.) Then, go back to SMQ2. Unlock the queue that is in SYSFAIL. To do this:

a.) Choose the queue that is in SYSFAIL.

b.) Click unlock icon

4.) Then, double click in the queue name ‘til you go to the user.

5.) Double click on the user to go to the message in error

6.) Select the one in error

7.) Click restart and refresh to see if the message will be processed successful.

If error text is due to JCo failure (Java connector)

- When J2EE is already up, do the following:

1.) Just go inside the queue in error ‘til you go to the user.

2.) Double click on the user to go to the message in error.

3.) Click/Choose the message in error (just going to the right for the error message, it is JCo failure related)

4.) Restart the message (retaining the trace level)

6.) Check for the status of the XML if it is now processed.

7.) Then, click F3 or back ‘til you go back to the queue in SYSFAIL.

8.) Then, reset status of the LUW of the queue in SYSFAIL.

After that, it could be seen that queues are now in RUNNING status.


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Thanks & Regards,

Venkata Nagesh B

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Hi Guys,

Thanks a lot for those responses. We have tried all the options that were suggested. Will update if we find any solution.

Thanks again,