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Message processing failed, FTP Receiver Adapter error...

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Hello all,

We have a Idoc to File(FTP) scenario using PI.

When PI try to send the file out to the FTP site, we get the following message in the communication channel monitoring and the file never reach the FTP site:

Message processing failed. Cause: Error when getting an FTP connection from connection pool: Unable to create new pooled resource: ConnectException: Connection timed out: connect

When we look at the detail display, we can see that the connection as been establish with the FTP site but the adapter is unable to deliver the file...

Any Idea why?

Thanks in advance.

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Answers (3)

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Hi ,

There are two things that you can do

1- check the connection of FTP from command prompt. If it is acceebile from command prompt then check for authorization that wether you have access to post the file at FTP or not (Full access READ , WRITE and EXCECUTE)

2- in your adpater change the connection mode from Per file transfer to "Permanent".

Please feel free to reply on this thread if you are not able to.


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check no. of simaltaneous connection on FTP server and increase this value



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It is connection problem form XI to FTP.

please try to check the connection,

you can able to ping it from command prompt?

warm regards