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Message pop at the start-up of Design Studio1.3

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Hi Supers,

I resently installed Design Studio1.3, but following message pop-ups at the starting of DS1.3:

"Design Studio extensions are generally supported, but the support has not been installed on the server yet.

As a coneqeuence, you will not be able to use Design Studio extensions durcing server execution."


1)Does it mean this only effects the excution of SDK components?(I do installed some SDK componients), if I only use standard componients in my APP, this will NOT effect me?

2)I checked the PAM of DS1.3 and notes1945541, it suggest that my BW should install SP>=11(my current is BW731,SP8), is that I inform my Basis guy to install SP11 and this will be fixed? Or some other add-ons I need to tell them install in my BW server?

PS. I use DS1.3 on NW mode, not BOE

I searched, but can't find a thead talk this. Thanks to all.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Denny,

I think the reason for this message may be a different version of Design Studio on your local pc and the server.

Did you install DS 1.3 for client and server?

You should check if both versions are exactly the same (DS 1.3 Sp01), if not, you will not be able to use sdks when executing your dashboard via the NW portal - local mode will work without problems.

It also affects your dashboard even if you don't use sdks because all the new functionalities and patches that come with the 1.3 Sp01 will not work on server / portal execution.

Maybe you can notice some other (small) differences whether executing locally or via the NW portal (like different style of tooltips)?

Hope this helps!



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Hi Steffen,

Many thanks for your answer, sounds reasonable. I'll inform our Basis team to check the intallation on server side. Thanks again.



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