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message pool not working in DC

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Hi everybody,

I'm using NetWeaver 2.0.16 and I have a little problem with message pool.

I can not see my messages in message pool screen.When I created a new message and clicked "ok" button, screen does not change and does not closed. And After I clicked "cancel" button I refresh message pool and I saw that my message is in there.

After, I closed message pool screen and reopen it.

What? I can not see my message.

then, I checked ".wdmessagepool.xlf" file and I saw that my messages is in the file.

How can I fix this problem?

P.S: In local projects, there is no problem like that..

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Hi Altug:

I suggest you that see this guide of Message Pool: of web dynpro applications.pdf

And this another guide to the Message Manager: simple input form with message and error service support.pdf



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Hi Cruz,

These are not about my question. I know how I use messages.

I have another problem. A problem with message pool window.

I can not see my messages in pool window.

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Hi Altug,

I'm having the same problem. Have you ever found a solution to this bug?

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Hi Hung,

I can not find the solution.

But, I think this problem is about the languages.

If the languages are different between application server and your's project, you can not see 'text' parts.