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Message mapping - Map 2 source contexts into one target context

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I have an issue as follows:

Source context 1 (defined as 1.....unbounded)

Source context 2 (defined as 1.....unbounded)

Target context 1 (defined as 1.....unbounded)

I need to map both source contexts into the single target contexts.

For example....

Source context 1 has 3 entries

Source context 2 has 2 entries

Target context would have 5 entries in total (Source context 1 and Source context 2)

I have only limited knowledge of working with multiple contexts so need a bit of advice.

Can someone provide an easy way to do this ? I'm sure there is.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The answer is quite simple.

Right-click on the target node in the mapping editor and select the option "duplicate subtree".

You will then have two destination nodes.

Now you can map source1 to target1 and source2 to target2

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