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Message mapping behavior to IDOC is different than expected

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Dear all,

I'm trying to create IDOC format data using message mapping from data read from a database table.

I made a mapping definition like the attached MessageMapping20230301.xls and tried to send data,
EDI_DC40 and E1KSJCL were generated like MessageMapping20230301_test_output.xml,
but E1KSJCL/E1PSJCL and E1KSJCL/E1PSJCL/E1EDPR1 were generated

And, only 1 out of 4 rows of data was processed.

I would like to create IDOC data in the form of a mapping definition, please tell me how to implement it.

Best regards,

-- attachment files
attachment_file.jpg : Screen shot of simlation with test data
MessageMapping01.jpg、MessageMapping02.jpg : Message mapping definition

PSCM_T_NONYU_SIJI_TAB_mod.xsd : Schema file of Source data
SEQJIT03.xsd : Schema file of Target data (IDOC type: SEQJIT03)
PSCM_T_NONYU_SIJI_TAB_4rows.xml : Test data
MessageMapping20230301_test_output.xml : Message mapping output


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Looking at the your mapping definition documents. I think you mapping should be generating 1 new SEQJIT03 IDoc per row pulled from DB.

In you Mapping screenshot your IDOC occurrences are 1 max at root level so it is able to place only first record to publish as IDOC. It can't publish other records in same mapping unless you use multimapping. However You can use splitter to generate multiple IDOCs from one DB call, that will simplest thing to do.

You can follow me, so that I can message you directly to understand it better.

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