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Message Management Service Cockpit

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Hello ,

I want to send and receive messages through the Message Management Cockpit Service. I've created my own device, device type and message type.

Is the "Push Messages to Device" and the "Messaging through HTTP" the same thing but with a different protocol, or is one for sending messages from the device, and the other receiving messages to the device?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello David,

"Messaging" and "Push" stand to different use cases.

- "Messaging" part refers to Data Services [1]. Here a device sends its data to the Cloud.

- "Push" part refers to Push Service [2]. Here an "operator" or "app" sends a message to the device.

Please, also consider to have a look at StarterKit examples [3]






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Hello Anton,

Thank you for you fast feedback! It was of tremendous help!

Kind regards,


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