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Merging Code in Data Services when multiple Development environments exist

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We have multiple Data Services development environments to support a Project that is being worked on. After so many weeks we need to merge the code from these two Development areas so that we can promote them through the rest of our environments.

We were doing a manual merge where we would just open up the two jobs from the different environments and make the changes again evaluating
what needed updated/modified. As you can imagine this can be a painful process.

We have also tried exporting a job/data flow to a atl file and do a compare using a compare tool but that didn’t work as well as we would have hoped.


The best luck we have found so far is exporting to an xml file and merging that way. We have only just begun to try this though so we are
not to confident that we won’t run into problems this way as well. We did get one simple change to merge successfully but we lost the designer layout when we reimported the xml file.


So we are wondering if there is a standard way to do merges in Data Services or at least a best practice.

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The problem we run into with merging XML is that the coordinates of object placements are lost when exported/imported through XML. But it does let us merge the code together through XML.

We are hoping there is a better way to go about doing this, though. Or plans for it in the future. For instance, there is already a 'diff tool' by being able to compare objects in your local to the central repository, but it cant merge or edit the objects in any way. I think that would be a decent spot to add that feature in.