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Merge PDFs in Publication on WebI Reports

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Hi Experts,

We have a Bex Query and we have 11 WebI Documents on top of that.

We created a Publication for those set of reports.

Problem while sheduling this publication is that we get zip file having 11 PDFs.

We are looking for a functionality to Merge PDFs to generate a single PDF (with Header and Footer) for a Publication in WebI.

Similar function is there in Publication using Crystal Reports, but we are looking for the same functionality in WebI.

Note: we can not merge WebI Documents to create a custom WebI document (for Business Reason).

We are in BO 4.1 SP3.

We have gone through the "WebI UI Extension Points User Guide" sbo41sp3_webi_ui_extension_pts_en.pdf

and covered the link

but we could not identify the appropriate method to implement this.

If anybody has worked on this, please help.

Best Regards,

Krishnendu Roy.

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Surely there is no direct approach in WebI for this. May i know what is the issue in merging all reports in single webi document? If it is a security reason then you can provide the data level security at Universe level and create tabs in the same WebI for each reports.

Also, please add this to the Idea Place if you want SAP to consider adding this functionality in their next release.

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Hi Rakesh,

Thanks for replying on this.

I am also looking for information on "How to use the BO 4.1 Publication SDK in Business Objects Enterprise using the Java SDK" if it helps to solve the Purpose.

The Business Reason is that the reports are for different Business Groups and reports should not be exposed inter-groups.