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Merge almost identical process variants in Process Conformance

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Hello everyone, I like to use the process conformance widgets in my investigation to make the traget/ actual comparison between the processes.
I have the question whether it is possible to merge almost identical process variants. I am thinking of when a certain event is executed 2 times and in a other variant 3 times and the other process is the same.

Is it possible to merge these variants, because there are always many different variants if just an event occurs several times.

Greetings Niels

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Nils, 

the tricky thing is that "almost identical" is very subjective and context-dependent. For some events, repeating them twice is almost identical. However, for paying an invoice, executing the step twice would be horrible. Regardless of the philosophical challenge of "almost identical" being subjective and context-dependent: No, it is currently not possible to merge similar variants. 

We will soon allow hiding and grouping events (not just visually but in actual Signal calculations), meaning that some noisy events could be removed. In addition, we will record your feedback to further investigate the topic of variant grouping. 

Manuel from SAP Signavio