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menu popUp action enable/disable in tree structure

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Hi experts,

i have the following problem. I have created menu with several menu actions for MusterColumn UI Element. It means i have a tree and if i click on element of tree i can call some actions for each element-tree. I have already mapped ""nodeElemet" to perform correct event-handling for each element of a tree. But i don't know how i can disable or enable the actions by choosing an element.

For example if i choose menu of my root element only 3 action schould be enabled(Close menu, show diagram, show piecharrt), if i use the child of my root element only one action can be enabled(Close Menu) and the so on for the last level of the tree.

Could you help please?

Thank you!!!

Kind regards,


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Bind a boolean attribute to the enabled property.

You can make use of the the existing attribute which you have already bound to the treebynesting UI IsLeaf property.



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Hi Ayyapparaj,

Thank You very much!!!!

It's working this way!!!

Kind Regards,