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Measures - some basic questions

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Hey Experts,

I have a BEx Query that has a measure which includes SUMCT. This application isnt avalible to make a Universe.

So in my opinion the only solution is to create the measure in universe designer.

After I created a new measure I noticed that the SQL Editor isnt on hand. Is the editor not avalible because I work with SAP elements that have predifined table structures?

In the Select section I made a reference on my measure. This works fine.


But when I want to make a calculation I get errors that the definition isnt correct.

Do somebody know how I can make for e.g. measure / sum(measure) *100 or sth. like that?



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Answers (3)

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Thanks, for your answers.

The structure of Universe/WebI is now much clearer

I tested the options in WebI. The solutions are very nice. Thx a lot.

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Hello, I need you help... I tried to replicate SUMCT function in Web Intelligence but I could not have the right results.

In Query Designer SUMCT function look like:

Key figures: Counter and Client AVG


SUMCT (counter / Client AVG)

How Can I replicate this using Web Intelligence fuctions?

Thanks in advance!

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First of all, the expression you wrote is incorrect, here is the correct syntax:


Then to write an MDX expression that represents the percentage of a member over its parent, the syntax is:

<EXPRESSION>(@Select(Class\Object), [Dimension].Currentmember) / (@Select(Class\Object), [Dimension].Parent) * 100</EXPRESSION>



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Hi Jan,

The reason why the SQL option is not available is because BW/OLAP universes uses MDX to communicate with BW and not SQL.

I would probably do that kind of calculation directly in the WebI document - you have a lot of functions in there and you can easily replicate the SUMCT function there. Ýou can also do it using an MDX statement, but it quickly gets a little complicated. Check this document to see examples of MDX statements/definitions in an OLAP universe. Please note that BW does not support all MDX statements:

OLAP Universes - Best practise