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MDX error with calculated measure in calculation view

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I tied to define a calculation view for a virtual cube which joins two cubes (SALES and INVENTORY).  I created a calculation view,  added the two analytic views to it for the two cubes, then union the two analytic views for the output. I defined a calculated measure TOTAL_INVENTORY which based on the measures of the other two views (SALES. SALES_VOLUME + INVENTORY. IN_STOCK_VOLUME).

I could validate, active, get data preview of this calculation view successfully. I could run MDX query against basic measures. But I would get the error below for MDX that queries the calculated measure.


SELECT {[Measures].[TOTAL_INVENTORY]} on columns


SAP DBTech JDBC: [256] (at 1381256773): sql processing error: Error occurred while executing a MDX statement. The error message is: An internal error occurred. Assertion failed with error message Can't read entity info for [Measure: [Measures].[TOTAL_INVENTORY]]

Any ideas about what this error means? How to fix it? Is it the right way for me to use calculation view for the virtual cube?




Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The same query works today. I have not done any changes for it since yesterday. I can't think anything that would make difference, we didn't restart the AWS HAHA instance either.

Any idea why this error "Can't read entity info for [Measure:" happened, then disapeared on it own?

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