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MDTC Table (Agrigated MRP Table items)

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I want to retrieve data (field: CLUSTD- Data Field for IMPORT/EXPORT database tables) from table MDTC,

this is field stored as encrypted (encoded) form in this table, having length of 2886 with type LRAW. How can I decode this value? is there any function module to do this? Please give me an idea.

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Hai Sreenivas,

As MDTC is a cluster table

You can access them using SELECT statements, I believe that you CAN NOT use joins though.

For example, BSEG is a cluster table.

report zrich_0003 .

data: ibseg type table of bseg with header line.

parameters: p_bukrs type bseg-bukrs.

select * into table ibseg from bseg

up to 100 rows

where bukrs = p_bukrs.

loop at ibseg.

write:/ ibseg-bukrs, ibseg-belnr.


Follow these lines : you may find your problem resolved.

Cluster Table

Database table defined in the ABAP Dictionary, whose version on the database is not only assigned to one table defined in the ABAP Dictionary. Several cluster tables are assigned to a table cluster in the database. The intersection of the key fields of the cluster tables forms the primary key of the table cluster. The other columns of the cluster tables are stored in compressed form in a single column VARDATA of the table cluster. You can access cluster tables only via Open SQL, and only without using joins.

Similarly for pool table

Pool table

A database table defined in the ABAP Dictionary whose database instance is assigned to more than one table defined in the ABAP Dictionary. Multiple pool tables are assigned to a table pool in the database. The key fields of a pool table have to be character-type fields. The table pool's primary key consists of two fields: TABNAME for the name of a pool table, and VARKEY for the interdependent contents of the key fields in the corresponding pool table. The non-key fields of the pool table are stored in compressed format in their own column, called VARDATA, of the table pool. The only way to access pool tables is by using Open SQL. Joins are not allowed.



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