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MDMGX Object Type- CUSTOMER missing?? in ECC-Eh2

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I need to load CUSTOMER repository with Check tables. When i went into MDMGX (in ECC, Enhancement Pack2)--> Object Types, I found entries for Article, BusinessPartner, Catalog & Product. But Customer, is missing.

1) Is CUSTOMER related ports & Checktable entries are not provided by SAP(by default)? Should we maintain them manually for each of the 68 Check Tables in ECC? Is there a faster way to maintain these if we need to do them manually?

2) How can i use "Upload ports & Check Tables" using a file. What should be the file format?


Siva Maranani

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For Customer reference table, the MDM Business content which you can download (from Service Market Place ) also contains MDMGX_ 55XXX_Customer.txt file in your folder. Now Go to R/3 System go to T-code SE38 execute Report MDM_GX_UPLOAD_MDMGXC1

and then upload this MDMGX_ 55XXX_Customer.txt file. Make sure that Remove Header Line checkbox is selected while executing the report.

For checking upload result in SAP client system, start transaction MDMGX in SAP client system and select Maintain Ports and Check-Tables menu item.

System opens a selection screen. In selection screen select Customer as object Type (can select this using input help or F4 help) and choose Execute.

MDMGX is use to load lookup table data(Reference data) which always need to be fill before filling Master data. you dont need XI for MDMGX to bring Data from R/3 system.

For transaction MDMGX follow this pdf file from Service Market Place as. which give you step by step explaination.

You can also find settings for MDMGX:

Hope it solves your Query,

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Mandeep Saini