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MDMGX help : Schema element missing

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I performed below steps:

1) created a new port in ECC.

2) Extracted the xsd.

3) Updated the xsd schema definition in MDM Console.

When I open the xml file generated on the newly created port in MDM via Import Manager, it is showing me error"Source file does not conform to xml schema. Element XXX not found in xml schema.

Please let me know

1)  Am I missing any configuration step in MDMGX?

2) i have executed MDMGX step"maintain ports and check tables". Do I need to perform "upload ports and check tables" step also for the newly created port? If no, how would MDMGX understand to include new port in schema definition. If yes, will it overwrite previous port settings?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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issue resolved

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