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MDM Workflow - NOT launching while Importing the records

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Workflow NOT Launching

I am using MDM 5.5 SP6

I created the workflow for Import and I want to use this for Import server as well as import manager when importing the new records.

These are the workflow settings:

Active : Yes

Trigger action : Record Import

Auto Launch : Immediate

Issue: This workflow is NOT launching during the Import either by Import server OR Import Manager when we import the data. Both the cases data is imported properly with out any errors But Workflow is not launching.

If I change the workflow Trigger Action to Manual then I can use this workflow manually with out any problem.

Anybody can help with this issue?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Former Member
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Hi Mike,

Try This:

- In the Import map that you have created and Saved

- Navigate to the Configuration Options in the Import Manager

- Import->Checkout/Workflows,If your Workflow is correctly saved you will be able to see the list of created workflows here,For the workflows with trigger action as Record Import.

- Select the workflows from the list and Save it in the Import map that you will be using.

- Mention this map in the Console for for which you want to trigger the workflow for automatic import.

- Now when ever you import the file through automatic import,it will use the saved import map,and the workflow name mentioned in this map will trigger the workflow as soon as the records are imported.

Hope It Helped

Thanks & Regards

Simona Pinto

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Thanks Simona Pinto. Problem resolved. I have given full points.